4 Common Landscape Design Styles

A perfectly landscaped garden often creates a picturesque paradise. It brings anyone who looks at it back in time to a different era and a different place. Being in a beautiful garden does not just mesmerize the naked eye, but it also calms the mind and relaxes the soul. However, not all gardens give off this vibe. If the yard is just cluttered or mixed up, it could be an eyesore, and no one would want to visit it which beats the purpose of having one. To help keep your garden green you need to continue to water it and measure the water output with a flow meter fromĀ flowmeters.com

If you are thinking of landscaping your garden or renovating it, call for the assistance of landscaping services Houston TX. Their expertise will undoubtedly aid you in choosing the best style for your garden and making your ideas a reality. There are different types of gardens you can want from, but some of the best and most popular are the ones we listed below.

Oriental Landscape Style

An oriental design has always been the envy of millions of people around the world. Their designs are just striking and stunning. Some of the distinct features of Asian landscape design are its simplicity encompassed with elegance. It often offers a peaceful and calm atmosphere which radiates serenity. By using this design, you can incorporate some of your favorite Asian elements such as the Japanese garden style or the Chinese garden design. You can make anyone who steps in your garden travel back in time and have a taste of the classiness of traditional Asia.

English Garden Style

The most distinct characteristics of an English style garden are the many perennials and shrubs incorporated in the design which perfectly complements the design of most homes. A lot of English gardens also feature a bird bath or arbor as decorative elements. This type of garden celebrates nature with its rich shrubberies and trees surround the area. Flowers are also planted carefully in flower beds whose edges were correctly fixed to radiate proportion. A lot of English gardens also feature a small lake or pond and a bridge. They often build the deck overlooking the pond.

Woodland Landscape Style

This natural design is perfect for properties with a vast land area. The landscape imitates a real wooded area. The plants, trees, shrubs, and flowers are often planted but are not perfectly manicured. It is to give a natural look. It aims to have your little forest in your yard. It is ideal if you have no time or you cannot allow time for its maintenance. You can just let these elements grow naturally and spread in the property.

Butterfly Gardens

Butterfly gardens are always unique since there are hundreds of different butterfly species one can house there. Butterfly gardens are full of different kinds of flowers perfectly arranged to show off an eye-catching display of flowers surrounded by hundreds of butterflies. What you need to note though is to ensure that the number of butterflies or birds you put your plants fully complement there. They need enough supply of food source and wind protection to survive.

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